Ho Chi Minh City flower arrangement service has warranty for goods

Dai Nam flower arranging service provides loading and unloading services for all provinces and cities in Vietnam with a team of professional staff dedicated to the service quickly.

Dich vu boc xep for container trucks; Loading and unloading at home, yards, in warehouses, at seaports, airports, bus stations … Besides we also receive packing, dismantling. Labor Rental.

Manual cargo handling service

– Units specialized in loading and unloading agricultural and marine products.

– Provide workers  unloading  cargo  demand.

– Boc xep hang hoa at warehousing, factory

– Provide loading and unloading staff at supermarkets, markets and trade centers.

– Loading and unloading of construction equipment and technological supplies.

– Types of goods, luggage transport for tourists at the airport and the port.

– We also load and unload goods for trucks and containers of all positions.

– The company also hires unloading workers by day or time.

– Our unit also accepts loading and unloading of goods by month or order.

– Hire technical workers to dismantle, assemble and direct the technique.

– Move the whole package, move the warehouse package

– The company also handles loading and unloading at home, loading and unloading at the company, at the warehouse, at the seaport, bus station, dock …

– Boc xep at the request of all customers.

our software

Loading and unloading goods – Dai Nam Loading and unloading company

Ho Chi Minh City loading and unloading service by various types of forklifts

– Our company has forklifts of many types, lifting a lot of high-weight goods.

– The company provides moving vehicles simultaneously many goods.

– We have cars of many sizes and different types

– Provide convenient cargo haulers.

– Supply trailers, tractors.

– Many other specialized vehicles on request …

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