Size of vehicles at light cargo

In fact, when embroidery trucks, you need to know how your goods are sized to hire a car of the corresponding size or wider so that during transport, you will avoid damage to the goods.

Currently on the market there are many types of trucks with different sizes ranging from 500 kg to 30 tons. Your job is to choose the right vehicle for the type of goods you want to transport.

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1. Learn about light trucks as well as the size of light trucks

Light trucks are trucks of a tonnage of 6.5 tons or less. Unlike heavy trucks, light trucks are flexible transportation in inner cities, village roads, narrow roads. Moreover, light trucks can operate in the city without being banned for some hours like heavy trucks. With this feature, light trucks are often used to transport short distances, and goods of moderate size, small size or household appliances.

The size of light truck is predetermined according to the transport volume of the vehicle. In this article, Dai Nam will help you grasp the parameters of light trucks useful for you when you need to rent a car.

2. The size of a light cargo truck is 500kg

This type of vehicle is very suitable for transporting houses, offices. Common sense that people think transporting by tricycles will be more convenient. But really not so. Tricycles are not strictly managed, each with a different price. Light truck rental rates do not differ too much. Moreover, there is a contract to ensure goods are not lost during transportation. So 500kg truck is a very suitable vehicle for small goods in short distances. 

Specification of 500 kg truck reference: 

  • Maximum load : 1 ton 
  • Vehicle dimensions:  Length x Width x Height): 2.2 mx 1.4m x 1.6m.

3. Size of light cargo truck 1 ton

It has a double weight of a 5 quintal truck, but the 1 ton truck body is only marginally more than a 5 quintal truck. This light vehicle is also suitable for moving homes or delivering goods to surrounding areas.

1 ton truck size is suitable for goods such as:

  • Refrigerator with a height of less than 1.5m
  • Washing machines of all kinds from 5kg to 8kg
  • Wood cabinets
  • Suitcase, plastic wardrobe
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen appliances, bathrooms

And other types of products such as agricultural products, garments, consumer goods … 

1 ton truck

1 ton truck size:

  • Maximum load:  2 tons
  • Vehicle dimensions:  Length x Width x Height: 3.4m x 1.7m x 1.5m

4. Size of light cargo truck 2 tons

2 ton light truck is also a popular type for home delivery, office moving, furniture. Even if your car is only 1 tonne but the length, or height does not fit, you can consider renting a 2-ton car. Safe during transportation.

2 ton truck

Vehicle size 2 tons:

  • Maximum load:  4.2 tons
  • Vehicle dimensions:  Length x Width x Height: 4.3m x 1.8m x 1.7m

5. Size of 5-ton truck body

Light trucks of 5 tons are compact in size, but can carry a significant volume of goods, more than 1 and 2 tons of other vehicles. However, it is still classified as a light truck. You can use a 5-ton truck to transport larger, larger-sized items in moderate quantities. This is also the type of car that many cargo owners, wholesale agents choose to transport.

So specifically, what is the size of a 5-ton truck trunk? How many blocks can a 5 ton truck carry?

5 ton truck

Truck size 5 tons:

  • Maximum load:  10 tons
  • Dimension of truck body 5 tons:  Length x width x height: 6.2m x 2.0m x 2.0m

6. Size of some other light trucks

There are many other types of light trucks that are gathered by Dai Nam in the table below. You need to rent a light car refer to to choose the car that best suits you!

No. Range of vehicle Container size (mm) Maximum load
first 1 ton 3,400 1,700 1,500 2.1 tons
2 1.5 tons 4,310 1,800 1700 3,15 tons
3 2 tons 4,310 1,800 1700 4.2 tons
4 2.5 tons 4,350 1,800 1,700 5.25 tons
5 3.5 tons 4,700 1,900 1,800 8 tons
6 5 tons 6,200 2,000 2,000 10 tons
7 6.5 tons 6,200 2,000 2,000 12 tons

Above is the reference size of light truck. Different car manufacturers have different sizes (not too big). If you are unsure about which light truck to choose, please contact us for advice!

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